Discover Even More Emerging Creators With RADAR Podcasters

Discover Even More Emerging Creators With RADAR Podcasters

More podcast creators than ever are switching their mics on with Anchor. With this comes more chances than ever for listeners to fall in love with new shows. And with more podcasts comes more opportunities to amplify creators, connect them to fans, and help listeners find new shows. Spotify’s Podcast Editorial and Anchor teams have debuted Creator Space, an external submission tool, and a Discord server for the growing community of podcast enthusiasts. 

Today, we’re expanding on this work by kicking off RADAR Podcasters, a podcast-creator version of the Spotify program designed to spotlight emerging voices worldwide. It takes its name and format from RADAR, which supports up-and-coming artists. 

Through RADAR, we’re deepening our commitment to emerging creators and strengthening their connection to audiences. To start, we’re highlighting more than 40 creators around the world, in countries where podcasting continues to grow—the U.S, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Colombia, India, France, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Australia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

What’s unique about the podcasting scene where you work?

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