See if You’ve Got What It Takes To Be a Spotify Star

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On Spotify’s Community Support forum, users can find answers to their toughest Spotify questions. These days, we aim for 90% of new help topics to receive a response within 48 hours—up 300% from just two years ago. This speed and efficiency in our service has recently earned Spotify several awards, most recently, “Best Customer Success Community” at the Community Industry Awards. This is, in no small part, thanks to the Spotify Stars

Spotify’s Stars Program is a 10-year-old initiative that empowers Spotify Community super users with the tools and resources to help other listeners get their questions answered. “There are over 550 million Spotify users out there, and there are a limited number of employees we have available to answer every possible question,” says Allison Leahy, Director, Spotify Customer Service Operations. “The Stars are really key to our success and helping us, not only to answer questions, but to innovate across the whole Spotify experience, from the features to the products.”

The Stars are Spotify fans who have used Spotify and engaged on our community forums for years. They’re particularly passionate about our programs and products, and also about working together and with other users. “There’s something extra personal when members draw from their personal experiences, and it means there’s someone who has a different way of thinking about one of our programs or products who’s able to shed unique light on an answer,” says Allison. 

Stars enjoy learning new skills and furthering their career development, especially when it comes to communication, as they work across cultures and gain rich insights into how tech companies operate. They attain early access to insights about Spotify, enjoy open discussions with Spotify employees across R&D and operations, and receive plenty of Spotify swag. They have also championed new programs, including a live-streamed concert featuring artists beloved by the Community

The ultimate benefit to participating in the Stars program is the Star Jam event, where the top contributors may get the chance to visit Spotify’s HQ in Stockholm. This past year, they got to sit in on user research–led discussions about products pre-release, be a part of a design-thinking workshop around the Spotify user experience, take a tour of our studios, and listen in on Product and Desktop team meetings going through the latest changes in our desktop UI. The Stars also heard from guest speakers including our Co-President Gustav Söderström, who spoke about the evolution of Spotify and how we’ve responded to user feedback in the past when making product decisions. 

“It’s pretty incredible that at this stage in the company’s life cycle—over 15 years after launch, and having reached 550+ million monthly active users—that our senior leaders are still taking the time to meet the Stars,” says Allison. “We don’t take it for granted that there is that level of interest from the Stars, or even from our executives. It really motivates us to bring our best work and ensure this is the kind of program people want to join.”

For those who are looking to become a Star, Allison recommends spending time on our Community forum. “Read through questions, respond when you feel comfortable. Figure out what spaces you’re drawn to and even reach out to the existing Stars to hear about their experience. Or check out @AskSpotifyStars on X. If you find you are ready to join the program, you can apply from the bottom of the Stars page.”

We also put together a short quiz so you can test your Community-savvy skills.

1. What is the best way to reorganize the song order in your playlist?

2. How do you set a sleep timer?

3. How do you set your own art for a playlist?

4. How do you use Spotify in Offline Mode?

5. How can you change from a Duo Premium plan to a Family Premium plan?

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