What Gen Z Listeners Are Streaming in Pakistan

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Since Spotify’s launch in Pakistan in 2021, the platform has become a destination for younger generations to make their voices heard by powering unprecedented musical trends. To better understand what these listeners love, we looked at Spotify streaming data between July 2 and August 2 for listeners aged 16 to 27 to see what tracks, artists, and genres are rising to the top.

Overall, these listeners gravitate toward genres like filmi, modern Bollywood, desi pop, pop, and Punjabi pop. These high-bass beats often reverberate across Pakistan late into the evening, with 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. representing the most popular time frame for these listeners to stream music on Spotify.

We also learned that “Lagda Nahi” by Ammy Gill and Toshi is the most-streamed track for listeners between the ages of 16 and 20. Next in line are “Bikhra” and “Iraaday” by the powerful duo Abdul Hannan and Rovalio. Shifting to listeners aged 21 to 27, we found that the same songs rank in the top three, but the order is reversed: “Iraaday” ranks top, with “Bikhra” next and “Lagda Nahi” third.

One thing that the 16 to 27-year-olds can agree on: Rapper and songwriter Talha Anjum sits at the top as the most-streamed local artist for these listeners in Pakistan. He is followed by the pop legend Atif Aslam and Spotify’s Fresh Finds discovery, Abdul Hannan, who has blossomed into a global sensation.

If we turn to global artists, Indian artist and the king of heartbreak anthems Arijit Singh is the artist 16-to-27-year-olds stream the most, with Indian composer Pritam, American pop star Taylor Swift, Indian rapper Shubh, and Indian singer AP Dhillon rounding out the top five.

Spotify’s curated local playlists have also become a favorite for many listeners. For Gen Z, the top playlists streamed include Hot Hits Pakistan, Shaadi Hits, and Desi Hits. Millennials also gravitate toward Hot Hits Pakistan and Shaadi Hits, but their third-most-streamed playlist is Pakka Hit Hai.

Check out what Gen Zs in Pakistan have been grooving to late into the evening. Check out Hot Hits Pakistan.

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