This Hub is open to everyone who wants to promote music or needs music-related services and free tools. If you’re a SONO Artist, some of the products and services you find in this Shop are free, included in the SONO Core services.

The mission at SONO is to connect artists and creatives globally and we want to give everyone the opportunity to express art in the best way possible, not underestimating the work of anyone.

As you are making music, aiming to live from it, graphic designers, artists, digital marketers, videomakers are also trying to live on their skills, just like you.

Therefore, in order to create an Artist/Creator ecosystem, we propose various pricing plans.

Quality is not compromised, our collaborators dedicate themselves to artists and their music, they love what they do. It’s just a matter of time, effort and dedication.

BASIC: one revision, longer delivery time, simple, affordable.

GREAT: higher rates, quick delivery, unlimited revisions and adjustments, dedicated person.

PRO: Full Support & Creativity.


If you’re a music producer, creator, marketer, developer, designer, writer etc. or you simply want to collaborate and earn while helping artists grow, please apply below.


Content Production


EPK Creation


Photo Shooting

Promo & Marketing

Press Services